Greenlight Graphic Design is a boutique graphic design studio and multimedia marketing firm located in Fort Collins, CO. We service clients in Denver, Boulder, Longmont, and Northern Colorado. 

Greenlight specializes in identity design (aka 'logo design' or 'branding') which is the first and most important marketing asset every business needs to succeed. We also emphasize multimedia marketing strategies which include: video marketing, motion graphics, photography, animation, sonic branding, professional voice overs, jingles, websites, internet marketing, and social media.

At Greenlight Graphic Design, our top priority is communicating your message effectively through a stylized and consistent brand. We craft striking, memorable, classy designs that represent the true face of our clients.

For clients the operate sustainable businesses, we offer ‘green branding’ -- a visual identity that reflects the company's values and attracts customers who share those values. At every stage of design, we look for sustainable options to offer our customers. Integrating sustainability into our design process adds brand value for clients and nets a positive environmental and social impact.

What you will find at Greenlight:
Designs that are dapper, stylish, chic, elegant, vogue, sharp, classy, clean, smart, spiffy, well-groomed, and neat

What you will not find at Greenlight:
Designs that are dishevelled, ruffled, rumpled, scruffy, shabby, sloppy, haphazard, tousled, ungroomed, or wrinkled

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