Greenlight is committed to keeping the lowest environmental impact possible. In every aspect of our business, we choose eco-friendly options whenever we can. Greenlight is an adopter of the Designers Accord ( We have always been committed to sustainable and socially sound practices. We assist our clients in finding the best environmentally friendly materials, inks and production facilities. Greenlight  favors printers and vendors who utilize alternative energy and fair labor practices.

We offer ‘green branding' to help our clients to develop a visual identity that reflects their values and attracts clients who share those values. This applies to businesses that are already green and businesses that would like to integrate sustainability into their operations. We provide clients with a customized toolkit for implementing sustainability and social responsibility in their company.

When purchasing a product, customers now look beyond function and appearance to the origin, ingredients, labor, and recyclability of the product. Companies have a unique opportunity to profit from the innovation of socially responsible and environmental products.

We help our clients evaluate how the manufacture, use, end-of-life, and disposal of  their product or service impacts people, animals, and the environment. In doing this, we discover opportunities to save money, improve products, and reach new markets. 

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